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2010 Dodge Ram Custom & Factory Fog Lights –

Dodge Ram 2010, LuminiX LED Fog Lights by Putco®, 1 Pair. Black housing, clear lens. These elegantly styled LED fog lights are sure to give that distinctive look you're after to amp-up the vehicle's front end.

David Butcher: Pedal Power Generator - DIY Plans

Every morning, I ride my Pedal Generator to generate electricity. The Pedal Generator I built and ride charges batteries, that run an inverter to produce 110v AC, that powers LED lights, the monitor on my computer, my cell phones, and charges my Roomba, my eGo Electric Moped, as well as many other battery-powered things.


The Way Back makes an excellent book-end to the survival story Defiance with Daniel Craig since the latter details how a Polish survival group in the west prevailed against the Nazis who took over that part of the country while the former describes what happened to those in the east captured by Stalin--thanks to the evil Non-Agression Pact caused by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's ...

Last Word Archive | New Scientist

If a car moving at 100 kilometres per hour hits a concrete wall, all of its kinetic energy must be turned into other forms of energy. What are those forms, and can anyone describe the overall ...

Frank's Home Remodeling Project | A journey on the DIY highway

One of the major upgrades I wanted to do with this remodel was to install a residential fire sprinkler system. The reason that I did this was (a) it was required by new codes for new construction and large remodels (not strictly applicable to my situation), but more importantly it (b) increased survival rate in a fire by 90% and reduced damage by 70%.

30W 12V Semi Flexible Solar Panel Device Battery Charger

30W 12V Semi Flexible Solar Panel Device Battery Charger Feature: High conversion efficiency, long service life, to ensure full power. The unique process component, beautiful and strong anti snow, convenient installation.

New Haven Collection 3-Light Outdoor Black Post Lamp

Bring a sophisticated and rich look to your residence by installing this Progress Lighting New Haven Collection Outdoor Black Post Light.


ALL I WILL SAY IS BUYER BEWARE. i used to love my uca's from light racing that was until i had to replace the uca's 3 times (1st 2 times they stepped up and did the right thing) they replaced them free of charge.....

Factory Hitch and wiring harness install | Tacoma World

I'm just wanting to get an idea of what I am getting myself into installing the factory hitch and wiring harness. I have an 09, 4 door, SB, 4X4 base model Tacoma, the hitch looks easy but looking at the instructions for the wiring harness it looks like the install could be kind of a pain.

Stay On Whole Night 300-Lumen Wall-Mount Outdoor Black Solar ...

XEPA - Stay On Whole Night 300 Lumen Wall Mount Outdoor Black Solar LED Lamp - Designed to provide years of operation, using the light of the sun, and utilizes LEDs that never need replacing..