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Pure tyre can supply and fit car batteries to your vehicle at your location in and around Norwich Norfolk, the fact that we are mobile means that if and when your battery lets you down its just one simple phone call to 01603 462959 and we will come and replace your battery at you home or work.


BATTERY SPECIFICATION CHART Printed on: 3/31/2014 BCI Group Size y Part # GM Part Number Type sitive sition lts st city in) Ah 20 0 o 8 o C) 2 o F (0 o C) s) s)t t s) ) ) ) t s) PASSENGER CAR / LIGHT TRUCK COMMERCIAL BATTERIES 24PS 88865262 TP L.H. 12 300 110 61 600 750 10.0 6.8 8.8 39.7 255 173 224 18.01

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Find the Right Car Battery Size Chart and Locate the Ideal Battery for Your Vehicle. If you want to make sure you get the best type of battery for your car, it is essential to know as much as possible about car battery size chart details, group sizes and other details.

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All 12V Sealed Lead Acid Batteries listed by size, weight, terminal type, dimensions, voltage, and Ah. Quantity discount - Save. Easy order online or call 1-800-624-8681.

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Data excerpted from the BCI Battery Replacement Data Book. [ errors may have been introduced in transcription. ] Note 1: The complete BCI listing includes several categories not included here: Heavy-Duty motor Coach and Bus batteries, and Special Tractor Batteries (6 and 12-volt). BCI provides configuration diagrams and performance ratings as well.

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Even though most car, motorcycle and tractor batteries are sold as "12-volt" batteries, the nominal voltage of a fully charged battery is closer to 12.6 volts. The electrochemical reaction between the lead plates and the battery electrolyte is what produces the voltage differential between the positive and negative terminals on a battery.

- BCI Group Numbers, Dimensional ...

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Understanding the specifications Yuasa Number Yuasa battery part numbers are based on the BBMS (British Battery Manufacturers Society) standard which has been used and understood by the UK aftermarket business for many years.

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BATTERY SPECIFICATIONS Conventional 12 VOLT Battery Type Capacity AH (10HR) Dimensions-Inches-L/W/H Dimensions-Millimeters-L/W/H Assembly Figure (As per cover polarity) Terminal Type- see pg. 4 Acid Volume (Ozs.) Acid Volume (Liters) Regular Charge Current (amps) 12 VOLT IMPORT SPECIALTY BATTERY SPECIFICATIONS Yuasa Type Old Refererence Number ...

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For example, if your 12 volt battery is reading less than 6 volts, you can use a 6 volt charger to bring it up to 6.6 volts. At this point you may use an 8 volt charger. But a 12 volt battery reading less than 10 volts is still EXTREMEMLY discharged, and should be brought back ASAP to avoid sulfation and decreased battery life.